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I am a Cornish based stylist specialising in interiors, kids fashion and props.

I have a passion for how it all looks and comes together - transforming a space!  I get excited when given a brief to make the clients ideas come to life be that a room in someones home, or a props set up for a photo shoot.

I love working on kids shoots, getting involved and being part of the team. Helping children relax and get in the spirit!

I also give consultations for those who just need a helping hand with interiors, providing ideas and design concepts to help realise your dream.  (Please email me for more info and prices)

Client's include:


COMMERCIAL : Boden, M&S, Harrods, House of Fraiser, Monsoon, Debenhams, Fenwick, My First Years, Anorack, Tom & Teddy, Celtic Sheepskin and Co.


EDITORIAL : Smallish Magazine, La Petite, Baby and Me, Mumsense

PHOTOGRAPHERS : Oliver Pilcher, Piotr Motyka, Damian Weilers, Rick Truscott, Stephanie Rausser, Emma Tunbridge, Annie Bundfuss, Eric Frideen,  Chris Bracewell, Ian Harrison.


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